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Hotpool Storage

your storage water heater solution
Hotpool Storage Type (Cylindrical) Water Heater
HPU (horizontal)
Hotpool Storage Type Water Heater
Hotpool Storage Type (Cylindrical) Water Heater
Vaillant VED E Exclusive Electric Instantaneous Water Heater
Shower Type Unit

Hotpool Storage Water Heater


Advantages of Turbo Heating Device

1. Equalize water temperature within the water tank

2. Deliver more hot water compared to traditional storage water heater

3. Longer life-time for thermostat

4. No more heating blinding spot

5. Less hot water fluctuation



The full range of HPU series consist of over 50 models with different capacity ranging from 15 liters to 1000 liters, and heating element rating ranges from 2kW to 72kW for your selection.

  • Suitable for Residential & Commercial Use

  • 10 inner tank warranty (for residential use only).

  • Unvented Central Type & Single Point Shower Unit

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