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Hot Water Is Our Business


Established in 1976, HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES is closing on 4-decades in the making of storage type water heaters.  As a leader in the water heating industry, HOTPOOL STORAGE electric water heater is designed and manufactured with the most advanced German technology available.     HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES’ extensive efforts in research, continuous product improvements, and utilization of comprehensive high quality components direct from Germany to meet the requirements and standards around the world.


HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES is committed to provide quality range of electric water heater with durability, efficiency and safety their upmost priority.  A deciding factor to differentiate a good investment that truly value for money to any domestic, commercial or industrial application, every HOTPOOL STORAGE electric water heater is honoured with a 10 years guarantee for the inner tank.


In 1996, HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES was named the Sole Agent of STEIBEL ELTRON for Hong Kong and Macau SAR.  Through HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES massive network, sales force, and after sales service team, STEIBEL ELTRON Instantaneous water heaters were successfully installed in over 150,000 households, an average of 17,000 units sold per year.


In 2012, HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES was named the Sole Agent of VAILLANT, one of Germany’s legendary brand in electronic and gas products, for Hong Kong and Macau SAR.  With 135 years of continuous heating innovations, devotion for the environment, and desire for their customers to enjoy the comfort they are used to, VAILLANT and HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES will surely meet any demands of modern conveniences of our customers. 


Hotpool Industries Cares About The Environment 


In year 2000, after years of research and development, HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES successfully invented and incorporated into each HOTPOOL STORAGE water heater a Turbo Heating Device which allowed water to be evenly distributed inside the inner tank, resulting in a 25% increase in hot water delivery compared to traditional storage type water heater. 


This environmental friendly and patented innovation was quickly recognized and earned HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES the Golden Award in Hong Kong's Home Application Innovative and Design Competition in 2000. 


HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES continues to improve and evolve in design and manufacture of all storage type water heaters under these criteria: more environmentally friendly, consumes less energy and deliver more hot water. 


Hotpool Industries Is Honoured To Be Trusted


Nowadays, HOTPOOL STORAGE water heaters can be purchased through Hong Kong's biggest electronic chain stores and over 700 electrical appliance retailers across Hong Kong and Macau SAR.  Maintaining close relationships with Hong Kong and Macau's Property Developers and Government Agencies are also key to HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES where our project-based channels enable us to continuous surpass their highest standards. 


In addition to the massive sales network, HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES is a proud supplier of water heaters to Hong Kong Electric & China Light and Power, Hong Kong's only electric supply companies, for 35 years and counting. 


Hotpool Industries Strives To Be the Best


HOTPOOL STORAGE means safety, quality and efficiency.  As one of the largest water heater manufacturers in Hong Kong, HOTPOOL STORAGE has a wide range of products that cater to any different types of applications and customers.  HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES guarantees all our products are manufactured with the highest quality standard. 


In May 2012, HOTPOOL INDUSTRIES unveiled and put into operation its newly acquired factory in Dongguan, China, ensuring even higher consistency and craftsmanship in manufacture for its storage water heaters.  

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