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Vaillant VED

your electric instantaneous water heater solution

Vaillant VED E Plus


Always have an eye on the energy consumption

Adjustment of the desired temperature up to the exact degree, illuminated over a big graphical display and unique energy monitor for your observation of the energy consumption – all packed into an appealing new design. That is how the new VED E Plus brings abroad hot water comfort to your home and office.

Easily adjusted: with plain text menu

Via the big and illuminated graphic display with user-oriented menu guidance, the VED E Plus can easily be adjusted upon your desire. Whether it is the basic alignment of the appliance, temperature adjustment, children safety function, scalding protection or energy safety function: the menu makes it simple.

You can see how little it consumes: via the energyMONITOR

When tapping warm water initially, the actual power level and the flow volume is already shown. With the energyMONITOR, electricity and water consumption, indicated in m3 and kW, can be calculated for the past 30 up to 360 days which enables you to estimate your yearly energy consumption simply by pressing a few buttons.

Without having to wait: hot water on demand

The micro processor in the VED E Plus detects and regulates the needed heating power by means of the inlet temperature and water flow. Thus it never consumes more than the required energy while always assuring the highest hot water comfort at any time. Vaillant cares for you and the environment.


Product features VED E Plus

  • Output models 18, 21, 24, and 27 kW

  • EnergyMONITOR with consumption indication

  • Big illuminated graphical display with plain text menu

  • Electronic power adjustment

  • Exact temperature adjustment from 20 up to 60℃

  • 4 temperature memory key

  • Scalding protection at 42℃

  • Child proof lock

  • Eco function On/Off

  • New flat design : 481 x 240 x 99mm (height  / width  / depth )

  • Easy to install and service thanks to System Pro I

  • Capable for solar system

  • Made in Germany


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