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Vaillant VED

your electric instantaneous water heater solution

Vaillant VED E Exclusive 

Fully electronic for warm to hot water…made to measure

The new fully electronic Vaillant instant water heater VED E Exclusive in its flat, elegant design fits into every kitchen or bathroom. Its innovative technique cares for energy consumption and water savings, while supplying warm to hot water at the exact desired temperature, up to the degree guaranteed.

Everything you need to know: via the energyMONITOR

With a few buttons, you will know exactly how much electricity and water your device consumes. With the VED E Exclusive, a glance on the display is sufficient: it is the world’s newest and first electric instantaneous water heater with integrated consumption data indication.

Environmental friendly device which can team up with renewable energies

The new VED E Exclusive can be used as a back-up heating device and can be linked to your solar system. It only consumes the absolute needed energy to achieve the desired water temperature as it also allows water inlet temperature up to 60℃ .

Speaks a plain language: for ease of handling

The big illuminated display with plain text menu makes the handling of the VED E Exclusive very easy. For cost optimized hot water supply, the energy safety function can be chosen with a press of a button. Temperature and device adjustment, scalding protection and child-proof lock can easily be adjusted and found on the display.


Product features VED E Exclusive


  • Output models 18, 21, 24, and 27 kW

  • EnergyMONITOR with consumption indication

  • Exact adjustment of desired water temperature to 0.5℃

  • Big illuminated graphical display with plain text menu

  • Electronic power adjustment

  • Exact temperature adjustment from 20 up to 60℃

  • 4 temperature memory key

  • Scalding protection at 42℃

  • Child proof lock

  • Eco function On/Off

  • New flat design : 481 x 240 x 99mm (height  / width  / depth )

  • Easy to install and service thanks to System Pro I

  • Can link up to 4 bidirectional wireless remote controls

  • Capable for solar system

  • Made in Germany

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