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Vaillant VED

your electric instantaneous water heater solution

Vaillant VED E Basic


You can enjoy pure bathing experience anytime

VED E series offers unlimited supply of desired water temperature at a constant flow, instantly ready when you are ready to enjoy your bathing experience. All VED E series instantaneous water heaters offers maximum ease of installation thanks to the professional installation system Pro I.

Series made for you and the environment

VED E Basic is an electric instantaneous water heater equipped with electronic output control and variable temperature setting. The integrated micro-processor of VED E Basic detects and controls the required temperature output based on the chosen temperature setting. The control is done based on both the water inlet temperature setting and water quantity by an impeller sensor.

Thus, it consumes less energy and water while offers maximum comfort and minimize on any fluctuations during your bathing experience.

Everything electronic, fast and easy

The VED E Basic is also equipped with an electronic water quantity regulator warranting hot water temperature right to the degree especially with very low cold water inlet temperature. The temperature can be set easily between 30 to 60℃ by turning the “+ and –“ knob.

At Vaillant, we want you to enjoy the comfort you are used to..... and much more.


Product features VED E Basic

  • Output models 18, 21, 24, and 27 kW

  • Electronic output control

  • Widely variable temperature setting right to the degree

  • Exact temperature control from 30 up to 60℃

  • New flat design : 481 x 240 x 99mm (height  / width  / depth )

  • Easy to install and service thanks to System Pro I

  • Made in Germany

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