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Vaillant Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

Water Heater Expert with 100 years experience

Made by Vaillant

The Vaillant Group with over 140 years of tradition, is a leading manufacturer of water heater in Europe. All water heaters are “Made by Vaillant”, and combined with Germany's five major advantages: advanced technology, superior craftsmanship, environmental protection, energy saving, safe and reliable and simple design in one. In line with the needs of modern homes, it can connect multiple water outlets at the same time, supply hot water to multiple usages at home, and is the first choice for lifestyle home water heaters.

Vaillant Electric Instantaneous Water Heater VED

Vaillant Electric Instantaneous Water Heater is controlled by intelligent constant temperature to ensure stable and comfortable water temperature, and the heating efficiency is up to 99.99%. It is energy-saving and efficient. It also has the European-style powerful function and simple design. It is compact and can be stored in the ceiling and even in the cabinet, it is the best choice for fashion home.

VED E 8 Pro_Product photo.png
VED E 8 Plus_Product Photo.png
VED E Pure.jpg

Vaillant miniVED 
Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

Small, fast, economical:
Washing hands in the small bathroom or in the office – the new Vaillant

   small electric water heater miniVED is the right choice.

It is installed as quickly as a flash where cold water
and a mains connection exist. The compact device can unobtrusively

be put even under the smallest basin.

And only after a few seconds warm water is flowing. 


Vaillant miniVED
VED H 6/3

Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

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