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Vaillant miniVED  

Electric Instantaneous Water Heater
Environmental protection and energy saving


Vaillant miniVED
VED H 6/3

Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

Small, fast, economical:

Hydraulic Control

20181022 Hotpool_Icon-12-4.png

Easy to operate

20181022 Hotpool_Icon-13-4.png

Easy to install

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Energy saving, economical and environmental protection

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miniVED _adv.jpeg
  • Activated with a low water flow rate. Enjoy hot water immediately with energy efficiency

  • Small in size, modern design, which can provide water capacities of a handwash basin

  • Products can be easily positioned and marked for hole drillings,  simple installation

  • High quality, durable components and recyclable materials

  • 3 years free on-site warranty service*

  • Made in Germany
    *Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Maintenance Registration

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