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VED H Hydraulic

VED H Hydraulic is the proven and tested basic model in the range of Vaillant electric water heaters.  It supplies tailored hot water comfort in flats and houses as well as in office buildings.  With small demands of hot water usage, the VED reduces its power level by more than 50%.  Four different power levels also keep the energy consumption low.


  • Output models: 18, 21, 24, and 27 kW

  • Hydraulic regulation of water vol. with 4 power levels

  • Two stage energy output selector

  • Dimensions: 481x240x99mm (H / W/ D)

  • Made in Germany

VED PRO 電子簡約型

VED PRO 電子簡約


  • 可選擇功率:18,21,24,27千瓦

  • 四段式水力調控器

  • 兩段功率選擇器

  • 481x240x99mm (高x寬x深)

  • 原厰德國製造

Technical Specification / 技術規格

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