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VED E Plus

Adjustment of the desired temperature up to the exact degree, illuminated display and unique energy monitor for your observation of the energy consumption - all packed into an appealing new design.  This is how the new VED E Plus brings abroad hot water comfort to your home and office. 

The micro processor in the VED E Plus detects and regulates the needed heating power by means of the inlet temperature and water flow.  Thus it never consumes more than the required energy while always assuring the highest hot water comfort at any time.  Vaillant cares for you and the environment.


  • Output models: 18, 21, 24, and 27 kW

  • EnergyMONITOR with consumption indication

  • Big illuminated graphical display with plain text menu

  • Electronic power adjustment

  • Exact temperature control from 30°C up to 60°C

  • 4 Temperature memory key

  • Scalding protection at 42°C

  • Child proof lock

  • ECO function On/Off

  • Dimensions: 481x240x99mm (H / W/ D)

  • Made in Germany

VED E Plus 電子升級型

VED E Plus 設計簡約新穎,更備有特大顯示器。所有設定均清楚顯示,一目了然。内置微電腦處理器,能即時計算水電消耗量。功能強勁但操作簡易,一切都是爲了您舒適生活而創造。


  • 可選擇功率:18,21,24,27千瓦

  • 即時水電消耗顯示

  • 特大顯示器

  • 全電子恆溫控制

  • 20°C 到 60°C精確水溫選擇

  • 4個用戶自定溫度記憶

  • 42°C防燙傷保護

  • 兒童安全鎖

  • ECO環保節能模式

  • 481x240x99mm (高x寬x深)

  • 原厰德國製造










Technical Specification / 技術規格

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