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VED E Basic

VED E  Basic series offers unlimited supply of desired water temperature at a constant flow, instantly ready when you are ready to enjoy your bathing experience.  The integrated micro-processor of VED E Basic detects and controls the required temperature output based on chosen temperature setting.  It consumes less energy and water while offers max. comfort and minimize on any fluctuations during your bathing experience.


  • Output models: 18, 21, 24, and 27 kW

  • Widely variable temperature setting right to the degree

  • Exact temperature control from 30°C up to 60°C

  • Dimensions: 481x240x99mm (H / W/ D)

  • Made in Germany

VED 電子標準型

VED E Basic 備有電子恆溫以及水溫調控旋鈕,即使入水溫度變化極大,出水溫度亦精確無誤。只需扭動 +/- 旋鈕就能從 30°C 到 60°C 之間選擇最適合您的溫度,水溫絕無忽冷忽熱,從而保障您的皮膚不被燙傷。


  • 可選擇功率:18,21,24,27千瓦

  • +/- 水溫調控旋鈕

  • 30°C 到 60°C水溫控制

  • 481x240x99mm (高x寬x深)

  • 原厰德國製造

Technical Specification / 技術規格

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