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Hotpool Instant - HPI 6

your electric instantaneous undersink solution
Back Flue
Top Flue
RC Pro

MAG HK 13-2

turboMAG Pro offers unlimited supply of constant flow of water at your desired temperature by it's digital water flow and temperature sensors.   The 8 awe-inspiring functions are illustrated by a stylish backlight LED display, with 4 buttons to activate all it's functions.  It's dual gas channel plus three-stages burning valve modulates gas consumption to as low as 17%.

With it's digital water flow sensor and temperature sensorTogether with our ECO Mode, you can limit your water flow to 6L/min, saving energy, water and more eco-friendly.

With the option of Top flue and Back flue type, each model comes in two hot water capacity of 13/L and 17/L.  Suitable for both Town Gas and LPG installation.

-  Instantaneous hot water at selected constant temperature

-  User friendly interface & digital display

-  Automatic ignition system

-  Fast hot water generation

-  Large or small volume of hot water supply

-  Low Water Pressure Start Function

-  IPX5D Water Resistant

-  Optional bathroom / kitchen digital remote control


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