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Vaillant turboMAG Pro

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RC Pro

Gas Water Heater Warranty Terms & Conditions (Applies only to Hong Kong SAR)

1.With the purchase of gas water heater, the comprehensive warranty period will begin where Hotpool Industries Ltd. will provide on-site rectifications to any manufacturing defects free of charge, given that such defect is reported to our Customer Service Department within two years from the date of purchase. 

2.Application for two years on-site warranty must be completed and returned to Hotpool Industries Ltd. via fax, e-mail, or post, within 14 days of purchase.  The warranty will become effective after the receipt of the application, without any confirmation notice or written documents in return.

3.The two years comprehensive warranty only limits to the heating components and electrical parts. Hotpool Industries Ltd. reserve the rights to choose to repair or replace each faulty component subject to the evaluation of Hotpool Industries Ltd. service and maintenance crews.

4.If a product or part is discontinued or out of stock at the time of repair, maintenance or replacement, Hotpool Industries Ltd. has the option to repair or replace the covered product or parts with the same model or like kind, specifications and quality at Hotpool Industries Ltd. sole discretion.

5.Hotpool Industries Ltd. reserve the rights to choose to provide on-site or workshop repairing service. And Hotpool Industries Ltd. will not provide water heater borrowing service.

6.Under no circumstances shall coverage extend to any loss or damage to a person or property for any loss of profit, incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages or any direct or indirect loss.

7.This warranty does not include and will be voided if:

a)Damages resulting from improper installation or abnormal usage.

b)The water heater has been inspected or repaired or being tampered with/by any unauthorized personnel.

c)Non-standard parts and/or accessories are installed and/or used with the water heater.

d)Failed to produce a valid sales invoice or warranty card.

e)Original invoice and / or installation and operation manual are altered or modified.

f)The water heater is for commercial use.

g)The serial number on water heater body is removed or altered.

8.All walk-in requests for water heater repair or replacement service at our Customer Service office are subject to inspection and testing charges.



In case of any disputes, Hotpool Industries Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision.

Where this disclaimer is available in English, the Chinese version is the governing version and shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy between the two versions.

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