VED E Exclusive

The VED E Exclusive series' innovative technique cares for energy consumption and water savings, while supplying warm to hot water at the exact desired temperature, it has 4 temperature memory key, scalding protection and child proof lock which can be easily adjusted on the display or on the bidirectional wireless remote controls.


  • Output models: 18, 21, 24, and 27 kW

  • EnergyMONITOR with consumption indication

  • Exact adjustment of desired water temperature to 0.5°C

  • Big illuminated graphical display with plain text menu

  • Electronic power adjustment

  • Exact temperature control from 30°C up to 60°C

  • 4 Temperature memory key

  • Scalding protection at 42°C

  • Child proof lock

  • ECO function On/Off

  • Dimensions: 481x240x99mm (H / W/ D)

  • Can link up to 4 bidirectonal wireless remote controls

  • Made in Germany

VED E 電子豪華型

VED E Exclusive 操作極其簡易,只需幾個按鈕便能完成心中所想。您只需透過用家導向操作界面便能進行熱水器的各種操作或設定。從調焦水溫`兒童安全鎖功能`防燙傷保護到電力安全設定均輕鬆完成。除機身備有特大發光顯示器外,更可連接雙向無綫遙控。只要一台威能 VED E Exclusive就能滿足全家所需。


  • 可選擇功率:18,21,24,27千瓦

  • 即時水電消耗顯示

  • 精確水溫調控至0.5°C

  • 特大發光顯示器

  • 全電子恆溫控制

  • 20°C 到 60°C精確水溫選擇

  • 4個用戶自定溫度記憶

  • 42°C防燙傷保護

  • 兒童安全鎖

  • ECO環保節能模式

  • 481x240x99mm (高x寬x深)

  • 可連接最多4個雙向無綫遙控

  • 原厰德國製造


Technical Specification / 技術規格
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