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ST Series



There's no need to install hot water pipes in your Bathroom!


HOTPOOL STORAGE ST/HN series are specially designed for easy installation particularly for bathroom with cold water piping inlet only.simple and easy-to-use functions are our main focus when designing and building the ST/HN series.Just turn on the shower mixer and constant flow of non-fluctuating water temperature and unrestricted flow of hot water will be available to you during every shower session.


HOTPOOL STORAGE ST/HN series are an All-In-One package where every unit comes with our original mixing tap, shower and installation accessories.


The full range of ST/HN series consist of 5 different models, capacity ranging from 8 litres to 30 litres for your selection.

Energy Efficiency Grade 1 for HN-23, ST-4E, ST-4EP, ST-6.5E

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