Hotpool Storage Type Water Heater

Rectangular Models

Excellent Performance, Safe & Durable

Hotpool Storage Type Water Heater

Cylindrical Models


Simple, Reliable & Durable

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Excellent Performance, Safe & Durable

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Patent exclusive R&D turbo heating device

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5-fold safety device ensures safety and reliability


  • Patent turbo heating device, faster and evenly heating

  • Refined stainless steel liner, rust and pressure resistant

  • Special alloy heating core, efficient and durable

  • Automatic thermal control for comfort

  • Five-fold safety device, safe and energy saving

  • Multiple water outlets can be connected at the same time

  • Capacity ranging: 15-76 litres

  • 10 years limited warranty of Inner Tank, 2 years free on-site warranty service*
    *Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Maintenance Registration


Excellent Performance, Safe & Durable

  • Five-fold safety device
    Combining more than 40 years of professional water heater technology and experience, Hotpool develops a series of storage type water heaters, designed and manufactured in strict accordance with Hong Kong safety standards, and has a special five-fold safety device, which is suitable for use in any building and water supply environment to ensure safety usage.


  • Patent turbo heating device
    Inspired by the jet engine, the patented turbo heater enhances the convection effect in the water tank and solves the temperature difference between the hot and the cold. The heating is faster and more even, and the hot water supply is more stable.


  • Refined stainless steel tank
    High quality SUS304 stainless steel tank, anti-rust and pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, all tested by water injection expansion quality to ensure no deformation and leakage.


  • Special alloy heating core
    The top heating core is made of Incoloy800 special alloy and magnesia. It is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and oxidation, and has high heat conductivity. The hot water supply is faster and longer lasting.


  • 10 years warranty of tank*
    10 years warranty of tank, and two-year parts warranty in Hong Kong, ensuring quality and confidence

    *Applicable only to home customers, commercial customers can enjoy two years of full machine warranty


Excellent Performance, Safe & Durable

Inspired by the design of the jet engine, the convection effect in the water tank is enhanced, and the temperature difference between the hot and the cold is solved.

  • Subtract heating blind spots

  • Heating faster and more evenly

  • More hot water is more stable

  • Water temperature is more stable

  • Thermostats are more durable


Five-fold safety device, Ensure safety and reliability

  • Automatic thermal control
    The user can preset the constant temperature according to personal habits. If the water temperature reaches the preset temperature, the thermal will automatically stop heating; on the contrary, when the water temperature is lower than the preset temperature, the thermal will automatically energize to ensure the water temperature is stable and comfortable.


  • Thermal cut-out
    When the water heater/parts is overheated, the protection device automatically cuts off the power contact and stops the water heater operation to prevent the water heater from being damaged due to overheating.


  • Temperature Relief Valve
    When the water temperature reaches 90℃ or above, the temperature relief valve will automatically open the discharge hot water to prevent excessive accumulation of vapor in the water heater.


  • Pressure Relief Valve
    When the working water pressure in the water heater exceeds 1,000 kPa (10 bar), the pressure relief valve will automatically open the discharged hot water to ensure the safe pressure level of the water heater. It is recommended that the water pressure be 65-80 lbs.


  • Anti-backflow Valve
    When the water supply is sensed (such as the 
    failure of the water supply system), the anti-backflow valve will prevent the water heater from generating a vacuum due to the back-sucking phenomenon of the water supply system, avoiding the damage of the water heater tank or the dry core due to lack of water.

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